Project Network

Each new road has a sign. How did I find this road? Half a year ago I applied for this program, called Project Network, in Denmark, in one of the few International Research Centres in the world. Denmark + ceramics + research = love, so here I am, the chance took me here! Yet, I hardly moved myself from cosy home just after the New Year’s Eve, but it’s worthy, I’m sure.
The house is cosy, ceramicists are usually nice people, so all premises are good. First night I am lucky, they invite me to dinner, but next week it’s my turn to cook, too. There is a joke that this is a ceramic & cooking program.
In the morning we visited the gallery where we will put on our exhibition in a few weeks from now. Even if I feel like on holidays, I am aware I must produce pieces worthy to be displayed in this gallery. That’s challenging. I’ve seen the catalogues of the previous shows and all works were great!
The studio is great, it has a lot of facilities, I picked a place with a view to a green loan which I hope will calm me and leave space for inspiration!

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