A beautiful project that gave birth to a new collection of ceramics: Irene Collection

I accepted the challenge of the Darvari Garden team, which last year launched a premium product, Bzyantium olive oil, Irene edition from 2020-2021 harvest. Each edition will be inspired by a region and historical figures from the areas where the olives are harvested for these oils, each product telling a story, which is in line with the philosophy of Una ca Luna brand. I was seduced by this Byzantine theme and set out to offer a contemporary dialogue with the Byzantine tradition. After documentation I was inspired by the richly colored ceramic mosaics and translated them into an element in the shape of a royal crown similar to that found in the representations of the Byzantine Empress Irina / Irene (797-802 AD), the defender of icons, the symbol of this edition of Bzyantium oil. My concept was outlined around simple but combined geometric shapes, ennobled with these colorful mosaic elements. I modeled or used molding and carefully engraved the surfaces for the decorative elements in which I inserted colored glazes, and the chosen material was a white stoneware on the surface of which I applied satin glazes with patina effect and pastel iridescence, alternating textured  and neat surfaces. Their burning took place at 1240C, offering durability to the vessels. In this series I’ve created cups for serving frozen yogurt with honey, platters for syrup cakes, carafe for precious oil, platters and other tableware items that you can find for sale in limited edition in my shop. I am delighted with this royal ceramic collection and the photo shoot turned them into a beautiful Byzantine story! Here you can find more details: https://darvari.garden/irene/

Romanian Design Week

The collection of “telescopic” mugs, cups and saucers was made during an art residency in Denmark.
An older idea, inspired by the telescopic plastic cup from the childhood school trips.
The inspiration from the Nordic design is found in the geometric shapes of these objects. The colors are based on experiments based on the range of samples and colors from the Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center.
The collection includes a large cup of tea, a coffee cup and a saucer. The saucer replicates the top of the tea cup.
In 3 words: play, color, telescope!


Exhibition Guldagergaard

The residency @Guldagergaard has ended with a group exhibition at Æblehus/Applehouse gallery, here in Skaelskor. It was rewarding to see our works in a catalogue and exhibited all together. The show had this young, cool, colorful and playful vibe!
It was interesting the experience of curating together as a group, our own exhibition. Though some people were very active, maybe too active regarding other people’s works and some very laid back, in the end we got to a point of harmony. We helped each other and listen or asked for opinion but finally it was also good to have also some fair-minded advice.
During the show, it was nice talking to people about my works, answer their questions and see their reactions. They embraced the idea and it was nice to observe that they had thoughts on the future provoked by my pieces.
I liked a lot the diverse approaches of my colleagues, to see the road to get to the final pieces and the stages in between, the passion and happiness of creation all together in the same studio.