Royal cup Marmaid

The Royal cup is the winner of the design contest Cotroceni Creativ 2017.
“The royal cup is inspired by the decorative motifs of the royal or neo-Romanian living room (1913-1916), composed of” King Arthur's great meal “and 24 chairs designed by Queen Maria and made in furniture workshops in Vienna. I chose to use the secondary motifs that decorate this furniture, which attracted me through the naivety of design, the Celtic dragons along with the mermaid and the lion, which are found both at the base of the table and in the design of the parietal grille. These symbolic characters give, at a closer look, a ludicrous appearance to this room, which reveals the Queen's joyful humor, who also puts a personal footprint here.
The “royal cup” is available for sale in the souvenir shop of the Cotroceni National Museum, along with other pieces created by Romanian designers.