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Exhibition Guldagergaard

The residency @Guldagergaard has ended with a group exhibition at Æblehus/Applehouse gallery, here in Skaelskor. It was rewarding to see our works in a catalogue and exhibited all together. The show had this young, cool, colorful and playful vibe! It was interesting the experience of


Guldagergaard Studio and premises

The Guldagergaard premises are within a park that used to be an apple farm. That's why the Art Gallery is named "the Apple house". The studio is just across the house. It's very well equipped and a nice place to work, though open space you can


Project Network

Each new road has a sign. How did I find this road? Half a year ago I applied for this program, called Project Network, in Denmark, in one of the few International Research Centres in the world. Denmark + ceramics + research = love, so